CARS process

 Consultation| Apply| Referral| Service 


Consultation is the first step in our cars process. It is at no cost to clients which could take place over the phone or in person depending on the type of product and service the consumer is requesting. 

Why is consultation considered the first step in communicating with our clients? 

Most of us have needs and wants. Therefore, based on the client's wants and needs. The consultation unveils them to help the client understand the parts of the puzzle and to ensure we have a better understanding of the client situation. The outcome is a consultation that fits the client lifestyle, budget, and health situation. 


Applying is the second step in our CARS process. After our advisor and the client discuss the consultation. A meeting has been scheduled either over the phone or in person. During this second step is stage one to apply which called “ To Qualify”  

The discussion will help clients understand various qualifications based on what types of products are needed. 

Every product has different qualification criteria. 


 Referral is the third step in the CARS process. Since we are known for serving our community through events and sponsorships. Our word of mouth referral is one of the methods to engage clients post completion of applying where the advisor explains the process of referring friends and family. 


Service is the fourth step of CARS process that could be prior to becoming a client  such as being a good resource to help the client when calling, asking questions or getting answers or after becoming a client servicing the account when requesting to service the account for a particular reason. Our service is at no cost to our clients.