Khwais Financial commitment is to navigate a process called CARS to help you select your health & life, and retirement needs.  Our clients are familiar with the process and knowledge we acquired over the past 9 years which helped our advisor to provide individuals and small businesses with personalized strategies based on their basic or sophisticated needs. Our affiliations with top Insurance companies helped us to identify our prospects and clients' protection financial needs, whether understanding healthcare costs post-retirement or after and longevity current issues and their impact on their retirement income or our current clients who are concerned about their medical insurance needs outside the states we helped them to be protected not only locally but also globally.

 Are you ready to choose your protection needs?

No matter what are your current financial needs are, there is a great reason to meet with a financial professional whether you are starting a business, getting married, purchasing your first home, having a newborn ,or retiring from work and are afraid of outliving your retirement savings income. 

An honest, trustworthy financial professional empowers you to understand your short and long-term goals to prioritize your current and future financial stability objectives.

Starting a business is an exciting step in your life. However, with that comes great responsibility. Working with business owners helped us understand what it takes to create a stable business and protect it. Therefore, at one point, it will sell or pass on to the next generation.

Purchasing your first home or investment property requires managing the risk associated with it. Since 2014 our insurance advisor has helped clients manage their risks and implemented business strategies such as buy-sell agreements, business overhead expenses, and life insurance as mortgage protection, key person, executive bonus plan, and retirement savings such as indexed fixed annuities or fixed annuities. 

 Our retirees are 65 or older or those with disabilities or special needs. We provide Medicare education and enroll beneficiaries in Medicare Supplements (Medigap), Medicare Advantage Part C, and Prescription Drugs Part D. We also offer Travel Medical Insurance to protect individuals or groups globally when is it needed. 

Khwais Financial LLC is licensed in TX and Virginia.

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